Students' orgy video sparks uproar

SUKHOTHAI – A video clip of an orgy involving five young teenagers has sparked uproar, with the parents of young girls asking schools and teachers to help curb sexual experimentation by students.

Parents in Sukhothai province told reporters that they were concerned about an internet clip video that shows four young girls having sexual intercourse with a boy in a bathroom.

They were believed to be aged between 14 and 16 years.

In the 10 minute video, the girls took turns having sex with the boy in the bathroom of a girl’s house, while also looking out for parents.

The video begins with a young girl in a school uniform making love to the boy on the bathroom floor.

Another girl in the clip tells her, “If you want to scream, do it. I’m sure your grandma won’t be able to hear you.”

After a while, two other girls who were on the "look out" pop their heads into the bathroom and say, “Hurry up, we want to have some fun too.”

The video clip ends with one of the girls shouting the warning, “Your brother is back.”

According to reports, the video has been shared on social media and many parents who have seen it have expressed concerns about the behaviour of modern youth.

“Kids these days have no morals and no shame,” one of the parents said. “They would do anything without considering the consequences of their actions.”

“Parents and teachers must play a role and help guide these young children,” another said.

It was not clear whether the young people in the video are actually students from a school in Sukothai.

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