Penis olive-oil injections a flop

A large number of Thai men have gone to great lengths to get a larger penis and several have learnt the hard way that bigger is not always better.

A patient, centre, sits in a ward at the Police General Hospital where he receives treatment for a penile disorder. SOMCHAI POOMLARD

One recently underwent surgery to have his genitals removed after he was diagnosed with penile cancer.

"I had olive oil injected into my penis 19 years ago. A friend had done it and told us about it. That friend did injections for me and two others at home," said the patient, who sought treatment for cancer at the Police General Hospital.

Three years after the injection, the tip of his penis showed signs of infection. He decided to get circumcised, which seemed to cure the problem. However, the infection recurred recently. He was diagnosed with cancer.

He is calling on his old friends and other men who are considering penis enlargement to think again.

"I have lost touch with those friends. But I don't think they are in any better shape. I am lucky I just lost an organ," said the patient.

Doctors are seeing a trend of Thai men injecting olive oil into their penises. About 30 or 40 patients turn up at the hospital every month because of the injections.

Pol Lt Gen Jongjate Aojanepong, surgeon-general of the Police General Hospital, said it is a myth that penis injections increase organ size.

"There is no medical procedure to increase the size and make it work properly without causing harm. Normally, the procedure is used for erectile dysfunction," he said.

He said injecting olive oil into a penis cannot enlarge its size. The olive oil, which cannot be absorbed into the body, causes irritation and the body reacts by building connective tissue which can turn malignant.

Pol Lt Gen Jongjate strongly urged men who have had penile injections to consult a doctor as quickly as possible before suffering side-effects.

"There are tens of thousands of men who have undergone the procedure. They should see a doctor, the sooner the better," he said.

He said the Police General Hospital has set up a special medical unit made up of urinary and cosmetic surgeons to attend to the penile injection cases. Psychologists are also provided.

Dr Surat Kittisupaporn, a urologist, said the substances used for penis injections include olive oil and silicone.

"Olive oil is the most popular because it is cheap and widely available," he said.

According to Dr Surat, there are a number of methods to correct penis disorders caused by injections, depending on the complications which arise.

He said while it is not possible to completely "treat" the disfigured penis, some patients may be able to achieve penetration again.

"They won't get it back 100% but they may get an erection if they did not inject the substance into the 'core'.

"But if it turns out to be cancer, it has to be removed," he said.

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