Love-sick prisoner flees police vehicle

CHACHOENGSAO – A man being taken to the provincial court to face drug charges jumped from the police vehicle and fled on Friday, reports said.

Police believe that the suspect escaped to prevent his wife leaving him for another man.

Police have teams searching for him in Ban Pho district, where the suspect, Maphraw Thin-Thavorn, 20, escaped while being transported to the provincial court’s prison, police said.

Police said four suspects were handcuffed together. The fugitve was able to slip his thin arms out of one of the handcuffs, which were locked only ‘loosely’ around the prisoners' wrists.

He then jumped from the police vehicle and fled through the  traffic. Police said he was hurt in the jump, was seen to be hobbling and could not have gone far.

Police noticed he was missing only when one of the other prisoners shouted a warning.

Another suspect who shared a jail cell with him overheard a conversation he had with his wife the night before his escape.

He was quoted by the police as saying, “His wife looks like a movie star. He was heartbroken when she told him that she would not wait for him and would find another man.”

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