Blood donations double

The number of blood donors has doubled in recent days after the Thai Red Cross Society made a plea for help as it was facing a supply shortage.

r Soisaang Pikulsod, director of the National Blood Centre, said the amount of donated blood had increased to between 2,500 and 2,600 units daily, from 1,200 units normally, according to Post Today.

As a result, the centre was able to replenish the blood supplies needed by all hospitals within one day.

Prior to the announcement, many hospitals had not been able to give blood transfusions to their patients for about a week due to the shortage.

On average, the demand for blood is between 1,500 and 1,600 units per day.

Dr Soisaang estimates that with the increasing number of blood donation, the reserve requirement of 3,000 units will be met within 10 days.

However, the doctor raised concern that the number of blood donations may fall again after this period. She is hoping that the number will rise again from Dec 1-5 when people are preparing to take long vacations.

For the New Year holidays, the Thai Red Cross Society will focus on meeting the national demand. It is also encouraging everyone to consider giving blood as a form of merit-making.

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