Poll: People like first car scheme

Seven out of every 10 people support the government’s first time car-buyers programme, Nida Poll of the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) reported on Wednesday.

The pollsters surveyed 1,248 people of all education levels and occupations nationwide, seeking their opinions on the first car scheme on Nov 16 and 17.

Bangkok traffic (EPA photo)

Nida Poll said 71.39% of respondents said they liked the scheme because the first time car-buyers receive a tax deduction, can buy a car at a lower price, and it encouraged people to buy cars.

However, 24.44% of them disagreed, given that it would worsen the traffic congestion and put people further in debt, and the government would to make up for the lost excise some other way.

Questioned about the advantages and disadvantages to the country of the programme, they were evenly split, with 50.80% of the respondents saying it would cause damage, and 49.20% disagreeing, according to the pollster.

Of the total negative views, 73.50% said it would create more traffic congestion, 42.50% said there would be more air pollution and 33.20% were concerned about people getting into even more debt.

Of the positive opinions, 78.50% of them said it opens a chance for people to own a first car, 20.20% said it would boost the automobile industry and 15.40% said it would create more jobs.

Asked about ways to settle traffic congestion problem, 62.30% said reduce fares of public buses or offer free rides, 53.60% pointed to the development of rail systems, including electric trains, and 12.90% said put on hold the first time car-buyers scheme.

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