Speed pills seized after gunfight (pix)

SONGKHLA - Police seized 22,000 methamphetamine pills with an estimated street value of 6.6 million baht following a gunfight in Wednesday morning with members of a drug gang who eventually got away.

It is believed the drugs were to be delivered at Songkhla Prison.

A team of police in the southern province of Songkhla exchanged gunfire with a group of drug dealers on inbound Asia Road in tambon Tha Chang of Bang Klam district. No oolice were hurt in the incident.

However, police lost track of the gunmen who finally fled in a black Toyota Vigo, leaving behind a black Honda Civic.

Inside the car, police found 22,000 yaba pills inside a backpack. There is also a note taped to the packages indicating that the drugs were to be delivered at Songkhla central prison (see pix below).

Police said the vehicle was wrapped in adhesive black plastic, apparently to disguise its real colour, red.

Prior to the gunfight, a police patrol attempted to search two vehicles believed to be making a trade of some sort.

One the men pulled out a gun and fired two shots at the police who then returned fire, and the battle commenced.

Investigators will track down the car's owner and try to determine who else was involved in the drug deal.

Photos by Vichayant Boonchote

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