Most popular cooking videos this week: Thanksgiving menu

Not surprisingly, the most popular cooking videos on YouTube this week were Thanksgiving-related. Topping the charts is a collaboration between some of the most followed food channels Epic Meal Time, My Drunk Kitchen and Feast of Fiction who created a Thanksgiving feast for a Los Angeles soup kitchen.

How to Make Pumpkin Pie: Thanksgiving Recipes - by Melissa Clark of 'The New York Times' ©2012 YouTube, LLC

Here were the top trending, cooking-related YouTube videos over the last seven days as of 9:30 am, GMT, November 22.

Thanksgiving Care Package, Epic Meal Time
When it comes to Epic Meal Time vids, this one’s pretty epic. In a departure from their regular unapologetic food porn involving obscene amounts of bacon and fast food creations, the Montreal-based team go to Los Angeles to help out in a soup kitchen along with other popular YouTube food personalities Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen, comedian Kassem and Jimmy Wong of Feast of Fiction. On the menu? A turkey roasted inside a pig carcass and trays of Big Mac lasagnas.
View count : 909,192

How to Make Pumpkin Pie, The New York Times
After testing out nine different types of pumpkin, food writer Melissa Clark says the best type of squash to use is butternut. No canned pie filling used here.
View count: 195,758

Optimal Potatoes, Vihart
For geeky foodies comes a video on how to optimize the surface area of mashed potatoes for gravy, and other assorted math-related food for thought, the most popular of Vihart’s Thanksgiving-themed menu that also comes with a side of math lessons.
View count: 157,193

Green Bean Matherole, Vihart
Cheftician Vihart turns green beans into ‘vector fields’ arranging them in a casserole dish to represent the vector flow of a river, or wind vectors. For the math-averse, viewer discretion is advised.
View count: 185,539

How to make Heart Cinnamon Rolls and Best Frosting Ever, Kandee’s Kitchen
YouTube personality Kandee Johnson makes heart-shaped cinnamon rolls using pre-made dough.
View count: 120,368

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