Ruf Rt35 heads for Expo

If you can't wait for the next Turbo or RS2, this modified Porsche 911 could be the answer

Why the number 35? 

Ruf, a German car-tuner specialising in Porsche, is celebrating 35 years of tuning the 911 Turbo. And to make it a special car, Ruf is tweaking only 35 units of the Rt35 for world markets.

The good news is that Royal Motors, the Thai representative for Ruf, has snapped up three Rt35s for Thailand. Even better, the first car _ 1/35 _ is said to be included in the rare lot. The Rt35 will be shown at this week's Motor Expo in Muang Thong Thani.

Cool. And what are the mods?

Kilted seats part of upgrade.

Ruf has taken the 3.8-litre flat-six engine of the latest 911 _ codenamed 991 _ and strapped it with twin turbos to boost power from 400hp to 630. Torque is also up to an immense 825Nm for sheer overtaking ability.

Ruf says the Rt35 sprints from 0-100kph in 3.2sec and goes on to a top speed of 330kph. The Rf35 gets the 911's seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

How much faster is it than today's 911 Turbo?

Since the new 911 has yet to see a turbo variant, fans with a penchant for speed and power still need to settle for the current Turbo based on the preceding model (997 series).

The 997 Turbo has a lesser 500hp and takes 3.6sec from 0-100kph. Even the Turbo S is jaded by the Rt35 with 550hp and a 3.3sec time.

And if really matters to some, the Rt35 has a 330kph top speed, higher than both the Turbo and Turbo S by some 15kph.

3.8-litre flat-six pumped up to 630hp.

Sounds like a challenge for the new Turbo...

It should, when Porsche rolls it out next year based on the 991. here's a good possibility that Porsche will take the Turbo's power up to 550hp to help shave some time off the 0-100kph acceleration time. But we'd reckon that the Rt35's time will only be beaten by the go-faster Turbo S that traditionally follows later in the 911 life cycle.

That said, there's a good reason to go for the Rt35.

And how much will that be?

It costs from 20 million baht baht in Thailand - practically the same as a standard 911 Turbo. So, the Rt35 could be for people needing rarity, apart from that exclusive performance.

The numbers on the Rt35's badge are quite expressive, then, for it marks an anniversary and indicates how many of them are meant for the road.

Only 35 will be made worldwide.

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