Angry client shoots up aircon shop

BANGKOK: A man apparently annoyed by a delay in the installation of his new air conditioner opened fire with a pistol after he went to the shop to complain, wounding a staff member in the stomach, police said on Monday.

Police said Anurak Rosdee, 31, was arrested with a .38 pistol and several rounds of ammunition in his possession.

Staff at PB Air Service shop in Bangkok's Don Muang district told investigators that Mr Anurak was furious after learning the installation of a new air conditioner at his home was delayed. The man then started firing shots at the shop.

One employee was hit in the stomach by a bullet and rushed to hospital.

Mr Anurak told police he was not angry because the installation was delayed.

He said he went to the shop to ask when the appliance would be installed, but no one was there. While waiting in front of the shop, he heard what sounded like a gunshot inside the shop, and he retaliated by firing back.

Mr Anurak said he later phoned the shop owner, who told him that the sound was actually someone kicking a galvanised iron wall.

The suspect was detained for illegal possession and misuse of a firearm in public while police investigate further.

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