Wealthy Chumphon couple slain

A married couple were shot dead inside their house in Chumphon province early Tuesday, and police suspect the motive was retribution.

Police were called to a luxury single-floor residence and found Yodchai Dhamchompoo, 39, the homeowner, lying facedown behind the house. There were shotgun wounds to his chest and face, according to a report in Khao Sod.

Inside the home theatre room, Yodchai's wife, Supaporn Suthiporn, 35, was found shot in the back of her head with .38 calibre bullet. Based on footprints found at the scene, the forensic team believed that she was also kicked in the buttocks in a vengeful manner. A number of spent bullet cases were also recovered.

Police suspect that the killing was some form of retribution. Supaporn was known as a local beauty who had  suspiciously collected millions of baht in insurance money after her first husband was gunned down five years ago.

She remarried, to Yodchai, a wealthy and influential figure in the area, particularly, in the gambling world. He owned many palm plantations throughout the province.

From initial inquires, the two were suspected to have had a hand in the first husband's murder and seemed to be constantly looking over their shoulders. They switched cars every day and were never seen sitting outside the house after dark.

It was also learned that they were being targeted by the previous husband's relatives, one of whom was recently released from prison.

The double murder could also be business-related as they running a loan shark operation, police pointed out.

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