Lighting up the Pattaya sky

Back for the third consecutive year, the "International Firework Festival Pattaya 2012" will showcase stunning fireworks across the night sky above Pattaya beach on Friday and Saturday.

TheInternational Firework Festival Pattaya2012 will take place on Pattaya beach on Friday and Saturday from 3.30pm to 11pm. Free admission. Call 02-572-4444 ext 345, 363 or 366.

The fireworks display is designed under the concept "Bring Up Your Life" by four participating countries _ China, the US, Canada and Singapore. It will be presented through a multimedia show in a synchronised format, which will also boast light, sound, and laser beams.

New colours such as aqua blue and lemon yellow will feature _ some of which will form shapes such as a cat and a smiley face. Traditional Thai music will be used in the show for the first time, too.

Running for 45 minutes, the extravaganza will also feature a display of 70 blue fireworks released simultaneously, which will produce an impressive reflection on the water.

The two-day festival also features other entertaining activities including handicrafts and art booths and concerts from famous artists along the central Pattaya beach, covering a distance of 700m.