14kg marijuana found near racecourse

BANGKOK – Police have found 14kg of marijuana in a plastic bag left at a parking lot near the Bangkok Turf Club, and suspect is a drugs delivery point.

Police were responding to a report of a suspicious bag left at the entrance of the Nangloern racecourse parking lot on Wednesday.

A security guard said he noticed a bronze colored sedan parked in the spot where they found the drugs.

"The car stopped at the spot, after which a man got out, dropped the plastic bag and left in a hurry,” the security guard told police.

The guard said he was concerned that it might be a bomb so he called the police.

Police suspected the area is a drop-off point where dealers deliver drugs.

It was very likely that another car would have come to pick up the bag, but police got there first, an investigator at Nangloern police station told reporters.

Police said they would check for fingerprints on the plastic bag and check the track’s CCTV cameras and traffic surveillance cameras in the area.

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