From dawn to dusk

There's a little joke in fashion that states: "If you're going to buy a second-hand car, it's better to ask if the former owner is either a stylist or works in fashion."

While a stylist is capable of using any city car like they use a truck _ loading every possible item of clothing for shooting days and nights _ a normal fashionista's car is actually a moving wardrobe, loaded with shoes, dresses, jackets, handbags and everything she needs in case she has to transform into an instant party queen after a long day's work.

Actually in this age when any girl who has familiarised herself enough with fashion glossies is capable of exercising styling nous, there's no need to load your car with that much weight. Coupled with the more relaxed dress code decorum and understanding of a wide range of styles, one can transform from their office attire into a Cinderella without magic, and you could stay long past midnight in the very thing you've been wearing since 8am.

One easy trick to achieve this dawn-to-dusk look is going for an evening length with casual daytime fabric _ maxi skirt in stretchy cotton, jersey or viscose, that is. You can check into the morning shift with long, minimal dress or skirt in maxi length, all in demure solid palette of grey or black. As night falls, you can simply change into a party queen with a little maximal accessories and personalised styling. Add glamour via a statement necklace and a jacket. Go for a biker jacket if you adhere to the cult of glamorous rock chic, or stick to tailored tuxedo for streamlined elegance.

Complete the look with laced-up high-heeled boots and handbags with either texture or structure _ exotic skin or geometric shape, that is _ the first if you prefer contrast and the latter if you are up for coordinating ensemble.

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Writer: Samila Wenin
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