Jakarta to implement 'odd-even' plate system to battle traffic

Jakarta will enforce an odd-even vehicle plate system in an attempt to reduce the Indonesian capital’s notorious traffic by up to 40%.

The Jakarta Police Traffic Division and Jakarta Transportation Agency will allocate days that vehicles are permitted to drive on the city’s roads based on the last digit of the registration plate, with plans to test the system as early as January next year.

Jakarta's crippling traffic jams cost the Indonesian capital billions of dollars per year. AFP PHOTO/ADEK BERRY

Vehicles with an odd number as the last digit will only be allowed to be driven on certain days, with the same rule applied to even-digit plates on days that odd numbers are permitted. 

“[The system] will be backed up with a bylaw,” Jakarta police traffic unit director Dwi Sigit Nurmantyas told the Jakarta Globe

“We’re still discussing the agreement with the regional government. If this is supported, traffic jams in Jakarta can be reduced by 30 to 40%.”

Mr Sigit said that police decided to implement the odd-even plate system rather than one based on vehicle colour. He also admitted that the plan was not guaranteed to work.

 “We’ll change it if it’s not effective,” he said. 

Jakarta Globe

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