BMW shows its fourth 'i' eco-friendly car

An updated version of the i3 is shown with a new body derivative and a near-ready interior

How many more 'i' previews is BMW making? 

We're not too sure, but all we know is that the i3 Coupe is the fourth concept car in BMW's forthcoming 'i' model range after the regular i3 hatchback, i8 coupe and i8 Spyder roadster.

The i3 Coupe is essentially the three-door hatchback version of the five-door variant, first shown last year. This sporty i3 is making its world debut at the ongoing 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The two i3s share many similarities like the 2,570mm wheelbase length (B-segment proportions), body made from carbon fibre reinforced plastics and 170hp/250Nm electric motor capable of a 160km driving range.

The updated interior is almost the real thing.

But the interior looks different...

Ah, you've got a good memory. Yes, it is different because BMW has updated the interior in the i3 Coupe which is reportedly said to be close to the real thing when the regular i3 goes into production.

Another new feature BMW has shown in the i3 Coupe is the three-step driving mode: Comfort, Eco Pro and Eco Pro+, the latter capping top speed at 90kph to promote economical driving.

Could an i3 Convertible be next?

You never know, but anything's possible. Let's not forget that electric vehicles will be making inroads next year in the US, and Americans love driving cars with the wind blowing into their faces.

What's for sure, though, is that the first i3 to go on sale next year is the five-door hatch.

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