Action lights up River Kwai

This year the River Kwai Bridge Week is back with a transformation that is expected to leave an everlasting impression on visitors.

Starting Friday and running until Dec 16, Kanchanaburi province will present the signature River Kwai Bridge light and sound show in a new format which, this time around, will be modernised and transformed into a spectacular action show.

The audience see a more exciting battle scene with simulated effects such as life-like explosions, flying bomber planes, and trains running through fire during a stunning scene when the bridge is first revealed. Other sequences include stuntmen abseiling down to the top of the bridge and a gunfight during a boat chase in the river and the bridge being bombed while a train crosses.

All the scenes are designed for the audience to commemorate and learn about events from World War II, a time when Kanchanaburi was an area where more than 60,000 foreign prisoners of war perished and a large number of the Thai citizens suffered the affects of the war.

The audience will get to walk past the bridge to increase their impression of the atmosphere.

A grandstand accommodating up to 3,000 people will be prepared to ensure viewers will get to enjoy the one-hour performance.

The show will be staged daily at 6.45pm, plus a 9pm round on weekends and holidays. Besides the multimedia show, there will be sales of five-star Otop products, local products and food, concerts by popular singers, a fun fair with exciting rides for children, and raffle draws by Red Cross Society.

There has also been an improvement in the general facilities for the 10-day event, including greater safety measures, convenience in transportation, availability of mobile toilets and also sufficient parking spaces.

Tickets for the light and sound show cost 300 and 500 baht and can be purchased from Thai Ticket Major booths (tel 02-262-3456 or visit and from the Kanchanaburi provincial office (tel 034-515-208, 034-512-299 or 089-203-4093).