EuroCave - 'the finest wine cellars in the world'

EuroCave of Lyon, France, was the first to develop a refrigerated wine cabinet able to replicate the natural conditions of a chateau wine cellar, the Utopian environment for any wine. The advanced technology and hand-craftsmanship that go into every EuroCave are second to none, as is the uncompromised protection your wine receives. The result is superior taste, for both short- and long-term storage.

For 36 years, ever since 1976, EuroCave has set the worldwide standard for wine cellars. The challenge laid down by the company's founders was two-fold: to use technological expertise to create high-performance products specifically designed for storing wine and to create beautiful display cabinets to showcase your bottles.

As a company and producer of high-end products, EuroCave has four goals: ensuring accuracy to save you time; respecting the culture of wine, the activities, the language; enhancing the wine tasting experience, and; promoting French wine and winemaking.

Today, 350,000 people worldwide place their trust in EuroCave, storing more than 100 million bottles in EuroCave cabinets.


In order for wine to fully express its aromas and flavours, it must be served at the correct temperature. In addition, red wines must be kept at around 18C, white wines at approximately 8C. The exclusive Sowine system offers:

Two separate compartments to store two bottles at the ideal serving temperature.

Simple and user-friendly temperature management.

Temperature indicator light for each compartment.

Once open, your bottles can be placed in one of the Sowine compartments. Thanks to this innovative oxygen extraction system, your wine can be stored without risk of oxidation for up to 10 days after opening it.

Sowine features two separate oxygen extraction devices. An oxygen extraction system activated by simply pressing down the plunger and an indicator light that informs you that oxygen extraction is underway.

Tete a Tete

This multi-temperature cabinet offers great accuracy.

The temperature ranges from 6C in the bottom compartment for white or rose wines, up to 22C in the top compartment for red wines.

Temperature setting at the top or bottom of the cabinet as desired.

A temperature difference of 10C is systematically established between the top and bottom of the cabinet.

An easy-to-use touch screen enables accurate temperature setting at the top or bottom of the cabinet, activation of the oxygen extraction system and the cabinet lighting Storage.

An oxygen extraction system, exclusive to EuroCave, prevents wine oxidation and allows you to store two open wine bottles for 10 days.

The two oxygen extraction heads are detachable for easier handling.

The ""Main du Sommelier shelf"" holds and protects your bottles.

Tete a Tete gives controlled condensation thanks to the internal embossed sheet metal. Excess condensation trickles down to the bottom of the wine cabinet into a built-in drip pan.

It's got great design, too. Elegant lighting showcases your wine bottles. A full glass door with clean, understated lines and a glass top given an elegant finish.

Up to 10 bottles can be stored horizontally plus two bottles placed vertically, thanks to a special bottle holder. The upper bottle holder can be adjusted in height to accommodate all bottle types.