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Oxygen-infused wellness programmes to balance the urban lifestyle

i.sawan Residential Spa & Club at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok launches Bangkok Recovery Retreats - unique wellness programs designed to combat the environmental stress, pollutants, travel effects and over-indulgences of Bangkok life. These 2-hour spa packages feature the benefits of pure oxygen and include treatments specifically designed to detoxify your body, rejuvenate your skin and revive your spirit. Bangkok Recovery Retreats are priced at THB 6,500++ per person.

In a city that has it all, Bangkok urbanites and visitors are faced with everything from pollution and traffic-induced stress to the pleasures of all-day eating and never-ending nightlife. To clear out all that this great city puts in, i.sawan has created Bangkok Recovery Retreats as an antidote for the pollution, jetlag, hangovers, fatigue, weight gain and stress that can accompany urban life in Bangkok.

As a vital life source and powerful detoxifier, oxygen is a key element of the programme. Each Bangkok Recovery Retreat includes a customised Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Facial, Oxygen Inhalation Therapy and a Body Therapy or Massage targeting specific detox goals. As a powerful skin care agent, Intraceuticals Oxygen infusions create a hyperbaric chamber effect on the skin, speeding up cellular regeneration and boosting the delivery of vital nutrients, peptides and botanicals into the deepest layers.

For inhalation therapy, therapeutic-grade oxygen is passed through an organic aromatic hydrosol and breathed deeply through the lungs. Benefits of oxygen inhalation include relief from insomnia, headaches, fatigue hangover symptoms and emotional stress. The immune system is boosted, improving overall health and promoting a greater sense of well-being.

Guests can select a Bangkok Recovery Retreat designed to detoxify, revive or discover radiance:


This treatment program will help to remove toxins within the body, clarify congested skin and boost the immune system to remedy jetlag, hangovers and fatigue.

This experience starts with an Urban Detox Massage incorporating the power of aromatherapy in a signature blend of three essential oils along with lymphatic drainage, rhythmic cupping and flushing massage techniques. Juniper essential oil improves circulation and healthy blood flow, grapefruit stimulates the lymph system and organs to remove waste while providing anti-oxidant protection and eucalyptus eases tired muscles and mental exhaustion.

During the massage, guests will be given an Oxygen Inhalation Headset to inhale the benefits of 94% pure oxygen. Mildly infused with Lemongrass and Tea Tree, this detoxifies the liver, pancreas, kidney and digestive tract while boosting immunity.

An Intraceuticals Clarity Oxygen Facial follows to banish bacteria and pollutants from the skin while calming irritation and redness. A combination of oxygen and Hyaluronic acid carry Selenium, Squalane, Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid deep into the skin to kill bacteria, dry up excess sebum and calm irritation.


This treatment program delivers powerful anti-aging and body toning benefits to combat the signs of age, stress and weight gain. It's the ultimate face and body revival to prepare for the next big night out.

This experience starts with a Comfort Zone Body Strategist Cellulite Therapy specifically designed to reduce the appearance of resistant cellulite. It's thermogenic action stimulates microcirculation and absorption of active ingredients fucus, caffeine, carnitine and black pepper to provide a 360 draining and slimming effect while speeding up cellulite breakdown and encouraging tone.

During the body treatment, Oxygen Inhalation Therapy with light peppermint essential oil will be provided to stimulate circulation, aid digestion and lift the spirit.

An Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Oxygen Facial follows to provide instant hydration, improved firmness and wrinkle reduction. Oxygen delivers a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants including Green Tea and Vitamins A, C & E to the skin, resulting in a smooth, glowing, more youthful appearance.


This treatment program fights environmental pollutants, free-radicals and hormonal factors to smooth and brighten skin tone on the face and body. This experience starts with a Skin Glow Body Polish derived from ancient Asian beauty secrets, featuring tamarind, which is high in Vitamin C. The natural acids from the tamarind eliminate clogged pores and dead skin cells while reducing the appearance of pigmentation and making the skin glow.

During the body polish, Oxygen Inhalation Therapy with Bulgarian Rose provides soft sensuality that comforts the spirit.

An Intraceuticals Opulence Oxygen Facial follows to balance the skin tone, calm hyper-pigmentation and to brighten the complexion. Oxygen and Hyaluronic Acid deliver super concentrated Vitamin C and natural plant extracts including Yellow Dock and Alpha Arbutin to the skin, safely and naturally treating the causes of uneven skin tone and brown spots to revealnew found luminosity and radiance.

Bangkok Recovery Retreats are designed to immediately replenish and renew. With dramatic results seen after just one treatment, Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials offer instant revival for tired skin. Celebritiessuch as Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Victoria Beckham andNaomi Campbell regularly receive Intraceuticals facials before red carpet events to look their best. When combined with a Detoxifying Body Therapy and Oxygen Inhalation Therapy, the results will have Bangkok's urban dwellers recovered from the city's stresses and indulgences, looking and feeling fabulous.

For the upcoming festive season, Bangkok Recovery Retreats provide the perfect opportunity for preparation and recovery.

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