Small TV operators say fees too high

The Satellite Television Association is considering whether to seek a ruling from the Administrative Court against the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) on the issue of double charging.

The association represents over 200 small satellite television service operators.

Association president Nipon Naksompop  said the members will decide whether to ask the court to determine if the NBTC's overall fee collection of 4% of gross revenue, half for the licence fee and the other half a  contribution to the Universal Service Obligation fund, could be considered as duplication of fees.

He said association's members are complaining that the fee is too high. The NBTC, as the broadcasting regulator, started collecting the fees in October under the broadcasting licence fees regulation.

Mr Nipon said his members felt the fee percentage should based on the number of subscribers each operator has, not gross revenue. The current rate could force many operators out of business because they have not yet reach the break even point.

However, the NBTC insists that this rate will be applied for at least one year, he said.

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