Mor Chit bus terminal to be modernised

Mor Chit bus terminal will be modernised, with connections to mass transit systems and probably a mid-range hotel catering for travellers, according to Deputy Transport Minister Prasert Janruangthong.

The ministry plans discussions with the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning and The Transport Company, the bus services operator, to formulate clear directions for the redevelopment.

"The Transport Company has a vision for the improvement of areas around the new Mor Chit bus terminal to  make it more convenient and able to handle more passengers," said Mr Prasert, adding that the bus terminal should be connected to the nearby Bang Sue train station.

Initially, there is a plan to develop an affordable hotel by allowing the private sector to participate in the development,'' he said.

However, before the Transport Company first has to enter talks with the State Railway of Thailand about changing the land lease contract from three years to a long-term contract of 20-30 years, in order to attract investors.

If the land lease contract is settled, the company could then proceed to drafting terms of reference and invite private investors to join in the project.

Other planned improvements include a single ticket centre, instead of multiple ticket booths, in the passenger terminal.

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