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Thanya Shopping Park

Located just up the street from Seacon Square and Paradise Park, along the busy Srinakarin Road, is Thanya Shopping Park. From the outside, Thanya appears to be just another community mall but you shouldn't judge a mall by its cover, remember?

Consisting of five interconnected blocks, Thanya Shopping Park gives an initial impression of something between K-Village and Rain Hill - except it isn't. Claiming to be the first eco-friendly shopping centre in Bangkok, it incorporates green elements from the get-go. With roughly 50 per cent of the space dedicated to foliage, it is ultra pet friendly and they are welcome on the premise.

The testament to the concept is reflected through the rooftop area that consists of a garden, activity area, fitness centre and running track. It's scheduled for completion in early 2013, which will see it grow to include healthy activities available for participation. Three of the five buildings are open air, which might be problematic for heat-sensitive shoppers looking to escape the horror of the sun. But rest assured - the considered air circulation makes the midday sun feel like an early morning breeze.

 Inside, there are plenty of outlets to help you scratch your shopping itch. Don't expect a mainstream shopping experience; most shops here are small businesses, many of them start-ups. Other than that, you can find the usual food court (to be completed by the end of the year), dessert cafes, coffee shops and Japanese restaurants.

Some of the many highlights exclusive to Thanya include the permanent Princess Pa Foundation shop (1/F, A Building), where you will find the foundation's specialty items without having to wait for their charity fair. Hong Bao (G/F, A Building) is a Chinese restaurant of Hong Kong origin so new that it doesn't even have a website yet. There's also The Tea Room by Dao (G/F, A Building), a lovely coffee shop with a Laotian twist.

But if you seek a fresh market experience then check out Green Thanya Market, where favourite Bangkok treats can be found - it even captures the smell of a real fresh market (not a bad thing, by the way).

V 10am-10pm. Thanya Shopping Park, Srinakarin Road.

C 02-721-4555,,

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