A hot gift is a tablet

Christmas and New Year's Eve are just around the corner. At this time of the year, we are approaching year-end celebrations, and many of us may be roaming around markets finding the right gift for the right person.

Like it or not, we can say this year is the year of tablets. Whether it's Apple's iPad, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy, Amazon's Kindle or others, these tablets are something many of us want.

Tablets can be the best, most desirable gift for many, but with several types available, The New York Times offers a very useful article to make sure we choose the right one for the right person and for the right job.

So from dirt-cheap knock-offs, e-book readers, colour e-readers/players, big colour readers/players to iPad lovers or fans of Android, the article provides guidelines and recommendations as to which model to buy to suit your needs perfectly.

Whether you are buying one for yourself or wrapping up a gift for someone else, remember this year, at least in technology, the world is flat. And tablets are indeed a very hot holiday gift.

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Healthy kick-starts

There has never been a better time to make a healthy resolution than this coming 2013.

But for those in your life who are yet to come up with a New Year resolution, healthy holiday gifts might help give them some ideas as to what they would, and should, do to improve their health.

Presented in a slide show, an article by the Los Angeles Times gives ideas for a wonderful, healthy holiday gift for your loved ones, including where you can buy them, as well as prices.

Some of the interesting gift ideas are a bicycle, hand and foot cream, an electric face brush, a juicer and a day-spa package - you might be interested in buying one of these for yourself.

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