Friends in need

Buck is one of the pit bulls that was abandoned at the shelter. These dogs had to be separated from others but they are very friendly to people and they don't belong at the shelter. If you have space for only one dog, please consider adopting one.

Hero is a Siberian husky who was abandoned at the shelter. He has a skin problem but it's being treated. He is a very big and gentle dog.

Keng is a very smart female puppy who almost died after being infected by blood parasites. She survived because she is a real fighter. She has been vaccinated.

These two kittens were rescued from the Chatuchak area. They are about three months old and have been vaccinated.

This cat is the mother of five kittens rescued from the Chatuchak area. She is friendly and could be a good companion.

Krathong was found on Loy Krathong day. Either she wasn't well cared for by her previous owner or she was a stray. She is very attached to people but very scared of other dogs. She really needs a loving home.

Oom Ngen and Oom Thong are three-month-old sisters who have been vaccinated.

Sam is a female Siberian husky who was dumped at a local shelter. She is very shy and very insecure and needs a loving family.

Sandy is a four-month-old black female kitten who was found wondering on the street. She is a playful and very attached to people.

These three puppies were rescued from the Ram Intra area after their mother was poisoned. They are about two months old and very friendly.

Contact details: Anyone interested in adopting any of these animals can contact Tharinee Wipuchanin, founder of Pic-A-Pet4Home, on 08-1451-2233 or 08-1551-2628 or by emailing