Ikea winter holiday

Welcome to a special, seasonal round of products from IKEA that's all about the winter holidays! Coming this festive season is a lot of red and white on everything from gift wrap, candles and dinnerware to hanging decorations and lighting. Some highlights this season are MARGARETA metre fabric with a nearly 2 metre tall photo of a spruce tree; the chubby, cheery JULMYS felt bird hanging decoration; STRLA hanging circle lighting that can hang flat like a wreath or round in ring; and gingerbread-patterned TRIPP tins that are ideal for filling with homemade goodies!

Inside you'll find these products and more, plus lots of inspiration and ideas to make the season easier, whether it's figuring out gifts for friends and thanking your holiday dinner hosts or getting creative with decoration and ornamenting the holiday tree.

Think differently about the tree

Hanging decorations and alternative trees

Maybe this year is the year to leave the tree in the ground and try something else. Why not? Hang JULMYS baubles and ornaments from lampshades, windowsills, old frames, decorative twigs or arrange them like sweets on a cake stand. Use the nearly two metre tall photographed spruce tree on

MARGARETA metre fabric as a long-living, small space friendly tree. Attach a 24-pack of JULMYS gift bags to the fabric to make an advent calendar. Turn JULMYS gift wrap into a string of flags and decorate the 'tree' with it. Or go for a flatpacked, needleless corrugated board JULMYS tree that's one metre tall with 40 stickers for ornaments.

Wrap things up

Gift wrap, boxes, bags and more

What's in there?! The mystery and beauty of gift wrap helps build excitement during the holidays. From silver bows and bright red ribbons to stripes, dots, trees, snowflakes and cookies - at IKEA this year there's no shortage of wrapping staples. Keep it simple with ready-to-fill JULMYS gift bags and boxes in lots of shapes and sizes (even 70 cm bags taller than mom's knees).

Get creative by wrapping with metre fabric, decorative garlands, tags and tape. Or why not use a roll of MLA drawing paper, too? Whatever the gift, wrap it with a smile!

Thoughtful and useful

Gift ideas with a personal touch

Homemade gifts bring smiles, hugs and thanks for thoughtfulness - even macaroni necklaces and popsicle stick photo frames. At IKEA, it's easy to add a little something affordable, special and reusable like tins, jars and pots to a homemade gift for that extra personal touch. And since it's the thought that counts, the fillings and foods don't always have to be homemade. We won't tell if you won't! Fill a holiday-patterned TRIPP tin with peppermint or other holiday candies. Make a flower arrangement in a festive red JULMYS plant pot that's meant for keeping. Bake some gingerbread in a DROMMAR baking tin and make the tin part of the gift.

Thank the hosts

Quick and easy gift ideas

Dinners, parties, overnight guests-the holiday season is full of events and excuses to come together. Don't forget these good times wouldn't happen without the efforts of hosts! In addition to handshakes, hugs and words of praise, it's easy to thank hosts with something small and sweet. Fill an angelic JULFINT napkin holder with seasonal JULFINT paper napkins. Pair a festive, red JULMYS candle dish with a JULMYS block candle.

Dine in a winter wonderland

Seasonal dinnerware and serveware

This holiday season, let it snow on the dinner table with JULFINT and SKACK dinnerware, serveware and more that feature different snowflake patterns designed by Sissi Edholm and Lisa Ullenius. Plus, JULFINT and SKACK are microwave and dishwasher-safe, so it's easier to clean up or reheat leftovers. JULFINT plates and bowls have white snowflakes on clear glass, which are ideal for combining with other colourful pieces to make the pattern pop. SKACK serving bowls are white coloured glaze stoneware with silvery grey snowflakes. Also in the snowflake theme are JULFINT mugs, table-runners and paper products. For alternatives to snow, look for matching musical notes on JULFINT plates, JULKUL tins and GODIS MIX glasses. The notes don't form a recognisable song, but their appearance could prompt a festive tune or two.

Light the holiday with LED

Seasonal lighting

Beam, shine, radiate - that's what STRLA, the name of the IKEA winter holiday lighting collection, means in Swedish. New this year are different designs to add twinkle and sparkle to the holidays. And with built-in LED or LED bulbs, the light lasts for many holidays to come since LED consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Look for new shapes like houses, apples and crowns alongside new designs of old traditions like candelabras, wreaths, snowflakes and more.

For centrepieces on or above a table, all with built-in LED, there's: a seven-armed, metal white candelabra; a brown or white gingerbread house in paper that glows from within; a battery-operated crown chandelier with seven slim points of light; and hanging circles in white (37 cm diameter) or red (58 cm diameter) that can easily be a wreath or a hanging ring. For decorating windows, trees or draped elsewhere in the house, there are light chains also with built-in LED in different designs from snowflakes to hearts, houses and even apples. And if you like candles, but avoid them for safety's sake, there's a new set of battery-operated, built-in LED decoration lights that look like real candles.

Favourites from last season are back too, like the built-in LED portable angel and traditional paper stars in pendant or floor lamps in assorted colours. Use LED bulbs in the stars for long-lasting light!