Motor expo bookings soar

Buyers booked orders for more than 80,000 cars over the 10 days of the 29th Thailand International Motor Expo 2012, the highest ever, organising chairman Kwanchai Paphatphong said on Tuesday.

The number sales greatly exceeded the set target of 50,000 units, he said. It was the highest figure since the motor show began 29 years ago.

He said 1.65 million people paid to get in and more than 90 billion baht was circulated in the system during the motor show, substantially higher than the target of 55 billion baht.

The most popular cars were Honda City, followed by Suzuki Swift, Honda Brio Amaze and Nissan Almera. The top five booked brands were Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu and Mazda, he added.

A major factor that helped spur the demand for new cars was the government’s 100,000 baht tax rebate for first-car buyers, which is due to expire at the end of the year, the organising chairman said.

However, Mr Kwanchai was concerned that the huge number of sales this year would trim demand for new cars by as much as 20% next year.

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