Thongma still richest on the SET

Real estate mogul Thongma Vijitpongpun is still the richest businessman on the Thai stock market, Financial and Banking magazine and the Commerce and Accountancy Faculty at Chulalongkorn University reported on Wednesday.

                 Thongma Vijitpongpun, the richest

Mr Thongma, executive chairman and president of Pruksa Real Estate (PS), has now been ranked the richest businessman on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) for three straight years, starting from 2010.

Mr Thongma is now holding a total of 23.49 billion baht worth of shares in three listed firms in Thai capital market. He holds a 58.61% stake, worth 23.31 billion baht, in PS, a 1.09% holding with a total worth of 182.72 million baht in Quality House, and 0.65%, worth 7.50 million baht, of SEAFCO.

Keeree Kanchanapas, chairman of the BTS Group Holdings, came 2nd, with his 43.57% shareholding in BTS worth 23.30 billion baht, and 0.68% holding, worth 151.75 million baht, in Bangkok Land Plc.

                Keeree Kanchanapas, second richest

The 3rd richest businessman is Anant Asavabhokin, chairman and president of Land and House Plc (LH), who  fell from second position last year.

He is holding 23.76% of the shares in LH, with a total worth of 21.68 billion baht, and 1.36% in Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, worth 5.94 million baht.

Medical entrepreneur Dr Prasert Prasarttongosot climbed from 5th to 4th this year, with his 12.7% shareholding in Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Plc (BGH) worth 21.1 billion baht, and 0.79% stake in Nonthavej Hospital valued at 31.45 million baht.

Wichai Thongtaeng, last year’s fourth richest businessman, fell to 5th with his holding of 9.94% in BGH worth 16.5 billion baht, and 8.04% in National Fertilizer Plc (NFC) worth 272 million baht,

The 6th place is still filled by Sathit Witthayakorn, who holds 7.94% with a total worth of 13.18 billion baht in BGH.

Niti Osathanugrah, the heir of Osotspa Plc, took 7th place with his 62.90% holding worth 12.33 billion baht in his company.

Prachum Maleenont, the biggest shareholder of BEC World Plc, the operator of Thai TV Channel 3, was reported as the 8th richest businessman on the market, holding a 6.38% stake in the firm.

In the family stakes, the Maleenont family maintained its richest status for the 14th straight year. The BEC share price rose by 108.16% this year, increasing the wealth of this family to 70.26 billion baht.

The Chirathiwat family of Central Group, one member of whom has a subtantial holding in Post Publishing, rose from 3rd place to 2nd this year, with total assets of 40.86 billion baht, an increase of 91.49%, or 19.52 billion baht, on last year.

The Vijitpongpun family fell from 2nd last year to 3rd with total assets of 28.08 billion baht.

                  Anant Asavabhokin, third richest

The Asavabhokin family is still holding 4th rank, the same as last year, having total assets of 28.03 billion baht.

The 5th richest family was reported to be the Kanchanapas family, rising from 6th place last year, with total assets of 27.52 billion baht.

Paethongtan Shinawatra, a daughter of fugitive former prime minister Thaksin, was ranked 47th, holding a 29.22% stake in SC Asset Plc, with a total worth of 3.45 billion baht.

Another daughter of Thaksin, Pinthongtha, was in 53rd place with her 28.28% stake, worth 3.34 billion baht, in SC Asset Plc.

Ranking of Khunying Potjaman Damapong, ex-wife of Thaksin, fell from 467th last year to 502, holding a 2.81% stake in SC Asset with a total worth of 33.11 million baht.

Deputy Prime Minister Pongthep Thepkanchana’s daughter, Yapha, came in at 244th, having a 2.08% stake in Kiatnakin Plc (KK), worth 795 million baht. His wife, Panida, ranked 264th on the back of her 1.90% shareholding in KK, worth 728.08 million baht.

Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung’s son, Arthan, ranked at 1,811  with his 2.64% stake in Unimit Engineering Plc (UEC), worth 58.28 million baht, and his other son, Duang, filled 2,213rd place, having total assets of 38.60 million baht in his UEC stake.

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