Lamborghini puts one of its bulls out to pasture

Lamborghini has announced that it is to cease production of its V10 Gallardo.

Lamborghini LP 560-4 Lamborghini is to cease production of its all-time best-selling car, the 5-litre V10 Gallardo. ©Lamborghini

Never fear, the Italian supercar company has a replacement waiting in the wings that it is set to unveil late in 2013, but the news that the diminutive Gallardo, its Ferrari F420-beating, two-seater 5.2-liter four-wheel-drive beast, is set for retirement is still being greeted with sad faces.

Credited with reviving the brand after it was sold to the Volkswagen Group in 1998, the Gallardo went on sale in 2003 and over the past 10 years had become the most popular Lamborghini of all time, racking up over 10,000 sales to date.

However, while it can still compete with Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren in terms of looks and brute force power, it was starting to struggle to keep up in terms of technology and driver aids.

Still, its departure will leave a hole in Lamborghini's lineup as well as marking the end of an era for the brand. Supercar fans will be keen to see the debut of the much anticipated replacement -- and how it compares

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