'Street Fighter x Mega Man' released for free

Capcom has released an official, fan-made homage upon celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Street Fighter and Mega Man franchises.

Mega Man vs Ryu in 'Street Fighter x Mega Man' ©All rights reserved - Capcom

Singaporean fan Seow Zong Hui had approached Capcom reps with his Street Fighter x Mega Man game, and staff at the video game company soon realized that the project not only was of extremely high quality, but could coincide with the 25th anniversaries of both series.

So it is that 25 years to the day after Mega Man's debut on the Japanese NES, Street Fighter x Mega Man is made available as a free download.

"Downloads may be slow while everyone slams the site," warned the Capcom community site's Twitter, "but please do download from us for easy number tracking."

The stance over SFxMM is in contrast to the fate of Streets of Rage Remix, a PC fan remake of and tribute to Streets of Rage, and one which was removed from the developer's website a week after its final version was released back in April 2011.

Street Fighter x Mega Man official site: capcom-unity.com/mega_man
Direct link to Zip file: http://static.capcom.com/sfxmm/SFxMM_US.zip

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