Chalerm: Referendum wrong way to go

The proposal to amend the constitution is unlikely to be endorsed by the people in a nationwide public referendum, Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung said on Tuesday.

Mr Chalerm has previously made known his opposition to holding a public referendum before amending the charter. 

He did not attend today's cabinet meeting on this matter.  He said he took sick leave.

Mr Chalerm said the constitution requires  more than one half of all eligible voters throughout the country, or about  23 million votes, to support the proposal in a referendum.  It would be very difficult to get this many support votes, he said.

Mr Chalerm disagreed with Pheu Thai Party's legal team, which is of the opinion that more than one half of the turnout was required to endorse the proposal, not one half of the number of eligible voters.

If the party adhered to its opinion and proceeded with the referendum, the opposition would certainly seek an interpretation by the Constitution Court, he said.

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