Holiday Gift Baskets are Here!

Show your trust, love, respect and gourmet spirit when you give a Central Food Hall or Tops gift basket.

The Greatest Love (Bt7,990)

In yearly holiday tradition, Central Food Hall and Tops are once again providing you the opportunity to send your blessings of the season in the form of beautifully packaged gift baskets. It's a great way to show friends and loved ones just how much they mean to you by sending them a selection of quality products from around the world.

Each basket is unique and the items are handpicked for their quality, popularity and global appeal. There is something for everyone in every single one of these carefully selected creations.

As always, there are also healthier gift baskets on offer, filled with a fresh assortment of colourful fruits and vegetables and other organic deliciousness.

And for those seeking that something extra special, custom-filled baskets can be created just for you right at the Customer Service Counter.

One of the reasons that these types of gift baskets are so popular is because they contain high quality products. Another reason is that many of the products are items people would love to try but would not ordinarily go out and buy for themselves on their own.

Furthermore, these gift baskets are packed with such a quantity of great items that they will continue to provide joy long after the holidays are gone. While some of the products will go quicker than others, many will be savoured and consumed over a long period of time.

Many people choose to put away those items that they relish the most and save them for a rainy day or a special occasion. Other people prefer to keep certain items, while giving others away as gifts. But in the end it's all up to you.

And each time the products are used, the person will undoubtedly have cause to recall the generosity and thoughtfulness of the gift giver. Now, isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Lastly, one of the really great things about these gift baskets is that they provide the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Let's face it; some people are really hard to shop for. We are never quite sure what someone will like or dislike. But with these fine creations, there is something inside for everyone because they have such great mass appeal. It's probably because the products contained with are timeless. Things like nice drinks, great coffee and quality chocolate never go out of style.

There was time when only kings and queens could ever hope to enjoy such delicacies. Fortunately, today they are available for everyone, thanks to Central Food Hall and Tops.

Central Food Hall & Tops offer more than 100 gift baskets packed with more than 500 festive products and ranging in price from Bt690 up to Bt34,400. Most are in the Bt1,000 to Bt3,000 range.

Gift baskets are available at every Central Food Hall, Tops Market and Tops Super. For more information, call Central Food Retail at 0 28317300 ext. 7696.

The Greatest Love (Bt7,990) - Quality brands including Martinelli's sparkling apple cranberry juice, Davidoff fine aroma instant coffee, Gryphon white ginger-lily tea, Alteza honey, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and much more, packed in a wooden storage chest decorated with roses.

Trusted Selection (Bt6,500) - My Choice essence of chicken, Brand's Veta Berry, Langers cranberry juice cocktail, Moccona premium decaffeinated instant coffee, Julie's cascara assorted biscuits, Flora bee honey vinegar, Malee rambutan in syrup, and much more.

Trusted Selection (Bt6,500)