Yala policeman slain by sniper

A police sergeant at a security checkpoint in Yala province was killed by a sniper on Thursday morning, believed to be the first attack of its kind by insurgents on the far South.

Pol Sgt Wachira Sangsri, 32, was shot in the neck while straddling his motorcycle near a security checkpoint in Krong Pinang district. He died on the way to hospital.

A joint civilian-police-military force official said, Pol Sgt Wachira was probably killed by a sniper with a rifle fitted with a telescopic sight. The shooter was likely concealed in one of the nearby buildings and had deliberately targeted a member of the security forces.

Pol Maj Gen Peera Boonliang, commander of the Yala provincial police, said it was difficult for the security officials to shoot back in the case of such an attack because the gunman was surrounded by the community. 

The attack was being blamed  on the group headed by Ustaso or Ismaae Rayalong, an insurgent leader wanted on multiple warrants. He is known to be active in the area and orchestrated the youth uprising against state authorities in 2004 at the start of the insurgency.

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