People want reconciliation as NY gift

Most people in a recent poll wished for national reconciliation as their New Year's present, Suan Dusit Poll reported on Sunday.

The pollster at Suan Dusit Rajabhat University surveyed 2,454 people of all occupations nationwide from Dec 15-22, asking them what New Year gifts they wanted.

Asked about a New Year present from politicians, 61.76% of the respondents said reconciliation, unity, no division and joining hands to work for the country.

Slightly more than 20% wanted them to be good and honest, while 18% said politicians should help develop the nation and work for the benefit of the country and the Thai people.

On the question of what they wanted from Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, 49.23% of those polled said she should devote herself and work with sincerity to bring about reconciliation.

A total of 28.59% said she should fix economic problems and bring about peace to the country, while 22.18% wanted her to comply with her promises and refrain from working for the self-interest of politicians.

Questioned about what they wanted from Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva, 47.52% of the respondents said he must be a good politician and pay attention to his work as opposition leader, refrain from making a war of words with rivals and focus on reconciliation.

Meanwhile, 40.15% of peopole wanted him to work for the benefit of all people and 12.33% said he needs to cooperate with the government in its efforts to develop the country and refrain from opposing all issues.

Asked which political issues they wanted over and done with by the end of the year, 59.21% said political wars of words, conflict and division, while 28.95% pointed to corruption and working for self-interest, and 11.84% said they wanted an end to political ploys that have no morals or ethics.

On what they wished for in the coming New Year, 62.49% sought national unity and reconciliation and joining of hands for the development of the country, 19.27% wanted democracy under the constitution, and 18.24% said honest and good politicians.

Asked what they would do as a Thai citizen to help improve the political climate, 57.46% of the respondents wanted to do their best to perform their duty based on reconciliation principles and refrain from hurting other Thais, 27.38% would provide political cooperation and participation in line with the democratic system, and 15.16% wanted to make a more conscious effort to follow the rules and refrain from creating problems for society.

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