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Cosmetic Surgery at Bangmod Hospital

Being handsome or beautiful is something that everyone wants. It is true that no one is born perfect but perfection is not impossible. Nowadays beauty can be created by medical specialists.

Surely, one of the most famous cosmetic surgeons in Thailand is Dr. Surasit Assadamongkhol of Bangmod Hospital who has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. That is one of the reasons Bangmod Hospital has been continuously trusted by countless businessmen and celebrities as well as leading singers and actors in Thailand.

"Bangmod Hospital's customers include those who wish to have double eyelid surgery, breast surgery, chin surgery, facelifts, liposuction, and so on. The accumulated numbers of customer is over 100,000. The customers range from actors to ministers. Most actresses want to be slim. However, when they get slimmer, their breasts get smaller. Those who have small breasts want to have bigger ones shaped like water drops. Some like their cosmetic surgery to look like natural beauty while others wish to look like beauty queens or actresses. Many want to be sexy. No matter how you want to look, moderation is the key," says the doctor.

Cosmetic surgery not only corrects weaknesses in your body, but also simultaneously boosts your confidence.

"First and foremost, you will gain more confidence. Some teenagers wanted to have breast surgery. Their mothers didn't allow them to, so they got poor grades. After they received permission from their mothers to have breast surgery, they got "A" in class because they felt more confident in their body and their friends didn't mock them anymore."

"It is possible to have cosmetic surgery that looks like natural beauty. First the proportion of the face has to be in balance and the skin of your nose has to perfectly blend in with the artificial part. The equipment used in the nose surgery has to be very similar to that of natural nasal bone so no one can see the difference. Of course, there are risks involved in cosmetic surgery. However, what really matters is how we can control them. We have to choose only reliable doctors and trustworthy hospitals which are strictly controlled by the Ministry of Public Health."

"Bangmod Hospital doesn't have a magic wand it can wave to turn someone into a beauty queen. However, we are confident that we can make you beautiful in your own way. Cosmetic surgery helps improve and correct weaknesses and can make you look better. Our ultimate joy is to put a smile on someone's face when he or she leaves our hospital. After all, no matter how you look, you are perfect just the way you are. Cosmetic surgery is just an option to make you feel happier."

Along come the smiles when beauty meets happiness. Here are some testimonials from leading actresses, models and beauty queens.

"I admit that I had chin and breast surgery. I have nothing to hide. Personally, I think that it's not strange that women want to be beautiful. The thing is that you have to carefully choose a reliable doctor and a good hospital," said Nan-Prangwalai Thepsathorn.

"When you turn 30, it is hard to keep your skin perfectly smooth no matter how hard you exercise. I chose fat dissolving at the abs and hips with state-of-the-art technology at Bangmod Hospital. It didn't hurt at all and it didn't even leave a scar. I'm very happy with it. As a woman who has a good body, I want to keep it that way as long as possible," said Yo-Yossavadee Hassadeevichit, leading actress and supermodel.

"Being Miss Thailand World is such a great honour and I have to take good care of myself all the time. It was my first cosmetic surgery so I had find out as much information as possible before I did anything. I found out that Bangmod Hospital is the best so I decided to have my eyelid surgery with them. It only took 10 minutes to do each eye. After the surgery, I could drive home right away. My eyes were just slightly swollen as if I'd been crying that's all. The result is superb. I've got compliments from many people. Now I have beautiful eyes and it made me smile," said Som-Chanakarn Chaiyasri, Miss Thailand World 1990.

"I had eye and nose surgery which made me look sweeter. My nose job only took 15 minutes. The doctor was very fast and efficient and I had only slight swelling and pain. I chose Bangmod Hospital simply because I trust in their doctors as well as their medical equipment and support personnel. Today, I have money, love and happiness in my life because I have chosen to have only the best for myself," said Gee Gee, Tisanamadee Boonniyom, second runner-up in Miss Tiffany 2012.

Bangmod Hospital takes great pride in being able to provide so much happiness to so many customers over so many years.

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