Christmas is a circus

The festive atmosphere of Christmas is everywhere. Just stop by any shopping mall and you will be dazzled by the fascinating Christmas trees and all the fancy decorations.

Paradise Park invites everyone to enjoy its new face as it has been transformed into an amazing paradise.

Held under the concept of ''The Circus'', the exterior of the shopping centre features a merry-go-round, a powerful polar bear, a charming Bambi deer, a smart penguin and an adorable circus seal.

They are decorated in white, blue, red and gold colours, making it an ideal spot for taking photos.

The centre of attention is, of course, the colossal Christmas tree which is adorned with sparkling lights, disco balls and colourful ribbons.

The cute circus animals and the tree will be there to keep all shoppers all smiling throughout the holiday season. Just grab your camera and aim for the best shot.

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