The Perfect Partner for a Perfect Party

As our minds turn to a New Year and new possibilities, many of us take the chance to celebrate the season with family and friends. But sometimes getting everyone together in one place can be a difficult (and expensive!) exercise. So why not try something different this year, and entertain at home. Luckily, LG is on hand as the perfect partner for your perfect party (and they've got some great gift ideas for the whole family too!)

After you've settled on a date and stocked up on the latest Martha Stewart magazines (in the name of research, naturally), comes the all-important part: the perfect meal. These days - thankfully - technology is on your side. Innovations like the LG SolarDom can help you prepare the perfect Christmas with a price tag that won't ruin your appetite. Retailing for 29,990 baht, the LG SolarDom uses Halogen technology to offer healthier, easier meals while simultaneously promising big savings in energy. By using Halogen technology, the LG SolarDom helps to minimize fat and cholesterol while preserving healthy nutrients, cooks up to four times as fast as most conventional electric microwaves, and saves energy by up to 50 per cent. So not only will your hips love you, you'll have a few extra baht in your pocket to spend on a nice bottle of wine! If a Thai style Christmas dinner is more your thing, the LG SolarDom includes a special menu of 30 of the best loved Thai dishes, so you can enjoy delicious barbeque pork ribs, grilled prawnsstuffed with shrimp curry paste, and green tea Thai style cupcakesat the touch of a button!

You glance out the window to see your guests parking their car, but you still have so many things to do! First of all, you need to serve their welcome drinks. Luckily, another friend in the kitchen is LG's 630-litre, world-first 'Magic Door' side-by-side refrigerator (retailing for 119,900 baht). Naturally, you've spent time making a super-chic festive punch, and stored it in the ultra-convenient special 'Magic Door'. So, as you glide into the kitchen, you don't even need to open the main refrigerator door or rearrange the delicately balanced plates, bowls, and leftovers!Not only does thisbring big energy savings, it gives you those precious extra seconds to finish doing your make-up. And with LG's Health Guard system, a unique air purifying device inside the fridge, your favorite ingredients will no longer stink out the whole house.

So, your guests have just arrived. You're going to give them a little something to do as you put the finishing touches on your gourmet masterpiece. What better distraction than some karaoke, a 3D movie, or some of the fun, exclusive local and international content from LG's CINEMA 3D Smart TV range. If you want to really wow your guests, why not consider LG's magnificent 84-inch Ultra High Definition TV (retailing for 599,990 baht), with its superb picture quality - eight million pixels, and four times the resolution clarity (3840x2160p) of existing Full HD TV panels, in fact. With a size that's equal to four 42-inch TVs, your guests may not even want to leave the lounge room. If budget is a consideration, LG's market-leading CINEMA 3D TV range also includes the popular 55-inch (up to 139,990 baht), 42-inch (from just 26,990 baht) models, and many more.

While your guests are rocking out to the latest K-Pop tunes, as the perfect host you're naturally going to want to capture the most memorable moments to upload directly to Facebook. Never fear, LG is here! Why not grab LG's latest LG Optimus L9 smartphone, which is perfect for doing exactly that. At just 11,900 baht, features like QuickMemo mean you can instantly annotate, edit, and share photos with others, while LG's Customizable Virtual Keypad allows you to comfortably adjust the key formation according to whether you're texting with one or two hands. So, you can enjoy the party with a glass in one hand, and never miss a chance to chat or upload those incriminating party snaps.

Everyone knows that the best parties end up with dishes everywhere, spills on the floor, and those mysterious morsels of food that keep appearing from under the sofa for weeks. Let's be honest, the last thing you're going to feel like doing after a big night is cleaning up, but some clever new appliances are here to help. The LG Kompressor Plus bagless vacuum cleaner (model VK7920NHTY - 9,990 baht), for example, means cleaning up has never been easier. LG's Smart Kompressor technology ensures dirt is easily collected and compressed, while preventing particles from escaping and collecting more than six times as much dust as other vacuum cleaners. Because the dust is compressed, you'll have to empty the dust bin less often, while LG's unique Sani Punch nozzle effectively removes mites and fine dust, the causes of allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.

If you're like many of us, and the festive season becomes one big party, you're going to need some new and innovative tools to help you. By thinking ahead, anyone can be the perfect host of a perfect party (with a perfect partner like LG)!

Oh, and lucky for you, between now and 15 January, LG is holding its greatest ever year-end promotion called 'LG Mega Expo', offering irresistible promotions on up to 70 products across LG's portfolio, from home entertainment, to home appliances, air-conditioners and even mobile phones.

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