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Dear Capricorn, you may not get to show off much at the office. Come up with a new strategy instead of trying to be proactive and initiating new things.

Dear Capricorn,you may not get to show off much at the office. Come up with a new strategy instead of trying to be proactive and initiating new things. You may cheat on your lover with a willing and younger bed partner.

Dear Aquarius,you can find the good in bad things if you look hard enough. You may unexpectedly make a true friend. You may receive your cut of an inheritance. Taken Aquarians may meet someone willing to start an affair.

Dear Pisces, a chance to develop your business and leave your competition behind is on the cards. You spend more than you make so trim down your wish list. Taken Pisceans may break up with their partners before 2012 ends.

Dear Aries, work and travel plans transpire as scheduled. A negotiation yields satisfying results. You may receive a job offer from someone you haven't seen in a long time. Singles may get fixed up with someone they aren't attracted to.

Dear Taurus, plans don't go as expected because of petty problems. You decide to embark on a career path you're happy with. Your spending increases towards the year's end. Lovers help solve each other's problems.

Dear Gemini, learn to deal with conflicts without drama. Visiting someone of authority will benefit you. Couples forgive each other. If you plan to get married soon, adults in your family will help make your wedding dreams come true.

Dear Cancer, you run around to many different places trying to solve issues. Plans don't go your way so be patient. You might make a big dent regarding an outstanding sum. Singles may be attracted to someone already taken.

Dear Leo, you're a clear winner in any competition. If you're waiting on a job application, you will get what you want. Extra income from an overdue payment or dividend from an investment is on the cards. Lovers fight.

Dear Virgo, work plans may move forward slowly. You should look at yourself seriously in order to self-improve. A new work idea may pop up while you're relaxing. If you're single, someone older falls for you.

Dear Libra, you fix mistakes swiftly. Those who are looking for a new job will receive an offer from a highly respected lady. Despite minor disagreements, Librans and their sweethearts get along well.

Dear Scorpio, your improved physical and mental strength enables you to complete assignments with success. You may buy a new car or receive fortune while travelling. If you're seeing two people, choose one now or risk getting caught.

Dear Sagittarius, you get to relax. You may meet new clients, leading to a new investment or project. Someone older brings you fortune via money or a career advancement. A friend may introduce singles to someone at a party.

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