Jasmine speed pills sold near school

CHIANG MAI - Police have arrested a woman who admitted she hid glittery, jasmine scented methamphetamine pills in her private parts to escape detection, a report said on Friday.

Police said Nahor Jader, 41, had in her possession 3,600 sparkling, aromatic yaba pills when the police arrested her in front of a school.

Mrs Nahor told the police that she traveled on a bus and hid the speed pills inside her vagina to avoid detection. She put the scented pills in candy wrappers when she reached her destination.

Police said Mrs Nahor told them that she needed the money to bail her husband, a drug dealer, out of jail.

The woman said she had transported drugs many times and she received the merchandise and clients' contact numbers from her husband and other inmates.

Police believed the seized methamphetamine pills belonged to Chaiyawat Pornsakulpaisarn, a leader of Myanmar's black Lahu group and owner of methamphetamine factories in Myanmar.

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