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Thailand's leading florist Panitan Thongsatit is passionate about writing books bundled together with flowers, fun and his personal journey in big cities including New York City, Amsterdam, Paris and London. And Blooming Journey In New York City is the first book of his series.

BLOOMING JOURNEY INNEW YORK CITY Panitan Thongsatit Photographers: Phisit Chayakittechanon, Saranya Tanaponvsit, Panitan Thongsatit ISBN: 9 786 167 290829 Price: 480 baht

This book comes with a fantastic forward by special Professor Thongtong Chantarangsu, permanent secretary to the Office of the Prime Minister who was once the author's professor, and by Saithip Montrikul na Ayudhaya, executive vice-president (music business division) of GMM Grammy, and by Ploy Chariyaves, celebrity, columnist and concept designer.

Panitan took readers on a journey of New York City, a centre for media, culture, fashion, art and food and also a city where people including the author can let their imagination run wild.

During his journey, he was inspired by the city's beautiful trees, leaves and flowers and that encouraged him to come up with several cool flowers ideas.

The book, written in Thai, features four main chapters including "The Bloom" (New York Flower Market), "The City" (wonderful places that inspired his ideas), "The Idea" (33 cool flower arrangement ideas that were created while travelling) and "The Journey" (a useful travel guide and tips for New York City).

What makes this book remarkable is that it's tastefully presented as a photo essay arranged to explain the progression of events, emotions and concepts. There is also a variety of exotic blossom ideas for anything from simple vases to special events, along with simple steps that readers can follow at home.

Simply put, Blooming Journey In New York City is where flowers and travelling collide in a colourful explosion of beauty. It's a must-have book for people who simply fall in love with flowers and fun. You can be creative arranging flowers inspired by New York City in the comfort of your home.

New York Flower Market and shops.

Union Square Park and green market.


Empire State, a cool flower idea inspired by the Empire State Building.

New York flower shops.

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