Guard seized at Khao Bin prison

RATCHABURI: Three inmates at Khao Bin prison on Sunday held a prison guard hostage after they were spotted trying to escape the complex by the officer.

Reports said the inmates, who are detained in the 6th Zone, drove a backhoe that was being used for constructing a building into the prison's wall at about 3.30pm. The prison guard, named as Suthep Joisrikate, spotted the escape attempt and tried to stop the prisoners. But he was seized by the men who are armed with a knife and sharp metal objects. 

The three inmates, all serving a life sentence, were identified as Suthiraj Sangarthit,  Prasit Sansabai and Ronnachai Sriparnkaew. The first two are convicted murderers while Ronnachai has drug convictions. 

The inmates are now holding the officer inside the building that is under the construction. A police negotiator is reportedly now trying to talk them into surrendering while a dozen police snipers have been put into place.

Several hundred police officers including riot police have also been deployed at the prison as authorities fear the hostage situation may provoke other inmates to incite unrest.

Corrections Department deputy chief Kobkiat Kasiwat said authorities are still talking to the inmates.

Force has been ruled out for the time being.

An unconfirmed report on Sor Wor Por 91 police radio station in Bangkok said one inmate had given himself up.

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Writer: Saichol Srinuanchan