Guard killed in prison drama

Ratchaburi: A prison guard and two inmates were killed on Sunday night when police stormed a building to end a hostage situation after three prisoners attempted a brazen escape using a backhoe.

Killed when police opened fire at the Khao Bin prison inmates was guard Suthep Joisrikate, who had spotted three prisoners trying to escape and tried to stop them, Provincial Police Region 7 chief Pol Lt Gen Harnpol Nitwibul said.

Police, Corrections Department officials and rescue workers gather in front of Khao Bin prison after the hostage situation ended. (Photo by Saichol Ochkajon)

Also killed were inmates Prasit Sansabai and Ronnachai Sriparnkaew, while Suthiraj Sangarthit had earlier surrendered to police, he added.

It was reported that two sets of gunshots were heard after police raided a building that is under construction in the 6th Zone of Khao Bin complex. The three inmates, who were reportedly armed with a knife and sharpened metal stakes, had holed up in the building after taking Suthep hostage and demanded a car to escape.

Several hundred police and the riot squad surrounded the building and stormed in after Suthep screamed he was being hurt. He was later found with wounds to his neck, chest and wrist.

Earlier reports said Suthep had been taken to Ratchaburi Hospital. However police refused to release any details of his condition or of the storming of the building until a news conference was held at about 8pm on Sunday.

The three prisoners had seized a backhoe at 2:45pm and were trying to smash down a wall in the building under construction.

Suthep had tried to stop them but was taken hostage. It was believed the inmates were armed with a knife and sharpened metal stakes.

The three inmates were all serving life sentences. Suthiraj and Prasit had been jailed on murder charges while Ronnachai had drug convictions.

Police officers and the riot police descended on the prison in force when it was feared the hostage situation would provoke other inmates to incite unrest.

Guards tighen security measures at Khao Bin prison in Muang district of Ratchburi. (Photo by Saichol Ochkajon)

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