Written in the stars

Your month-by-month horoscope for 2013, the Year of the Snake.


Jan 14-Feb 12

JANUARY: Your fortune looks bright this month. What you determine to do will yield good results.

FEBRUARY TO MARCH: Brace yourself for a possible change or disappointment in your life. If you are prepared to cope with this situation, you can make a fresh start in your life from March 19.

APRIL TO MAY: Your business or studies will yield good results beyond expectations during this period. Your life will be smooth even if you change a workplace, have a new boss or assume a new position. Love will brighten up your life.

JUNE: Pressure and tension will build up on you this month. What you do will hit a snag. You are likely to compete against a strong contender.

JULY: You will sail through crises and obstacles this month. All problems will be solved. Life is smooth and happy during this month.

AUGUST TO SEPTEMBER: Pressing problems are expected during this period. Overconfidence in decision-making should be avoided. Think twice before making a decision. Job promotion and frequent trips related to your new work are expected. You will be engaged in a dispute that will be brought to court for a ruling.

OCTOBER: Misfortune will befall you this month. Meditation is suggested. Withdrawal from a race is a wise decision.

NOVEMBER TO DECEMBER: Though a solar eclipse occurs during this period, it will not adversely affect your star. Be confident when you enter a trade competition or a political race. You will achieve success in your business and love life at the end of this year.


Feb 13-March 14

JANUARY: Your star shines brightly during this month. You will repeatedly experience good fortune in everything you do.

FEBRUARY: Misfortune prevails during the Chinese New Year. You will be very disappointed after losing a position and a job.

MARCH TO MAY: The wheel of fortune turns in your favour during this period. What you are awaiting or carrying out will yield good results. An examination, a trip, a competition, a bidding contest, a plan to sign a contract, land deal or stock investment will be miraculously successful. Romance is smooth.

JUNE: You will suffer a huge loss this month as a result of trusting certain people.

JULY: Any mistake or problem will be fixed or someone will come to your rescue. Your fortune will take a sharp turn upward this month.

AUGUST TO OCTOBER: A transfer is expected during this period. A new product will be introduced. You will have a new boss and new responsibilities. Romance with your new sweetheart has yet to blossom.

NOVEMBER TO DECEMBER: You are likely to receive help and get what you are missing. There will be a new business partner and financial support from a financial institution is expected. You will have the happiest moment by the end of this year. If you are single, you are likely to meet the person with whom you will tie the knot.


March 15 to April 12

JANUARY TO FEBRUARY: Your star shines brightly at the beginning of this year. A promotion is expected, or a change of job is likely to occur. Your aim will be set and you will know what field of study you will pursue.

MARCH: This month is full of challenges. Lady Luck will smile on those who never give up. Offer an apology for any mistake you make. If you are misguided, you should retrace your steps and turn over a new leaf.

APRIL TO MAY: Your fortune augurs well during this period. Achievements will be met. Move ahead with your plan and you will get successful results.

JUNE: A dispute related to inheritance may erupt and you will lose money unnecessarily.

JULY: Luck is on your side. You will get selected. A dream of having a baby will come true and a large windfall is expected this month.

AUGUST TO SEPTEMBER: Stay calm. A major customer may put on hold a plan to purchase your products. If you enter a contest, you will suffer a defeat. There will be a swapping of positions at your workplace. You will be moved to a position that does not fit your skills. There will be a waste of time and money trying to have a baby. A journey will not run smoothly.

OCTOBER TO DECEMBER: Luck is on your side. Sale targets will be achieved. Travel, stock investments and international business expansions will be successful. However, romance is not promising. You will feel lonely.


April 13-May 13

JANUARY: Your past efforts reward you. A travel plan, a new business and a new position will run smoothly.

FEBRUARY TO APRIL: Brace yourself for disappointment. A lack of financial liquidity will put you under pressure. Something will make you deeply hurt. Be strong and patient. The situation will gradually improve from April 16 onward, dark clouds of misfortune fade away.

MAY TO JULY: A business deal, a bidding contest, a study plan, cosmetic surgery and a stock investment will yield positive results that make you happy. You will be elected chief adviser. If you enter a contest, you will easily win.

AUGUST TO SEPTEMBER: There will be an untoward incident during this period. A car accident will occur. You will be left with no choice but to accept an alternative offer. Your loved one will be far away. Investments will produce negative results.

OCTOBER: You will receive praise and honour. Your performance will reward you. Job promotion is expected. You will receive a huge sum of money from the sale of property, debt negotiations or dividend payments. Travel will yield good results beyond expectations.

NOVEMBER TO DECEMBER: Business and sales targets will be achieved. You will be happy at year's end. You will set off on a journey. A trade show overseas will yield successful results. Love is rosy.


May 14-June 14

JANUARY: Your fortune looks bleak. Work, studies, sales targets, financial liquidity and travel will dishearten you this month.

FEBRUARY: Put on hold plans to enter a contest, introduce a project and take an examination and interview test from February to March 18 as you have no luck during this period.

MARCH TO MAY: Solar and lunar eclipses that will occur between March 19 to May 31 indicate that the wheel of fortune will turn in your favour. This will bring you happiness during these three months. Sales targets will be achieved. A new factory or shop, stock investments, any bidding or contest you take part in will yield successful results.

JUNE: Any decision you make this month will lead to a big mistake. Beware of falling down and road accidents. You will be rushed to hospital.

JULY: Someone will come to your rescue this month. You will find a way to solve a problem. A chance to sign or renew a contract is high. A large windfall is expected. You will win a court battle. If you undergo surgery, your serious wounds will be completely cured.

AUGUST TO OCTOBER: Life is filled with annoyance during this period. Any appointments, sales or requests for credit line expansions yield negative results. The launch of a new project or product fails to draw much public attention. As for your love life, you will reach a point where you have to choose.

NOVEMBER TO DECEMBER: Life is full of excitement and fun during this time. Love will brighten up your life and this makes you feel happiest. You will feel proud of your work, your business and the landslide victory of an election you contest.


June 15-July 16

JANUARY: You will be happy with social functions from the New Year festival onward. Job promotion is expected this month. Those who are not employed will be recruited. A change of job and the start-up of a new business are also expected. There will be the renewal of a contract. Old friends will be met.

FEBRUARY TO MAY: Stay calm between February and March 21. Someone may blame your work or you may be transferred to another position. Your travel plans may be put off. Purchase orders may be cancelled, you may be cheated, a burglar will break into your house or there is bad news related to your husband that shocks you. Be patient as misfortune will not last long. Luck will turn on your side from March 22 to May 31. If your employment contract is terminated during this period, you will immediately be offered a job at a new company. If you fail to get a seat at the university of your choice, you will be admitted to another university. Those who lost a previous contest will proudly win this race. You are likely to launch a new project or open a new office branch for your children. A deal to buy a business or assets will be achieved. You will feel proud of your children. Your work will win an award. Travel and your love life make you happy.

JUNE: You will be approached to do something, but you are free to choose. However, huge spending will burn a hole in your pocket this month.

JULY TO SEPTEMBER: Your fortune augurs well during this period. Your work, an inherited land plot or shares you hold will deliver a large windfall. If you enter any type of contest, you will win. A wedding bell is ringing at this time. Those wanting to have a baby will have their wishes fulfilled. Be strong to cope with a serious disease. Surgery will cure it.

OCTOBER: You will feel mentally and physically exhausted this month. You will be upset with losing a court battle, but this will not discourage you.

NOVEMBER TO DECEMBER: Your star shines brightly during this period. Your business operates successfully and brings you handsome profits. Your family is happy.


July 16-Aug 16

JANUARY: This month is a period of blissful happiness. Luck is on your side. Your work and romance run smoothly. You are likely to assume a new position.

FEBRUARY: Tension related to your work, appointments, travel plans and studies will occur this month. Be careful of a road accident.

MARCH: There will be a lot of urgent news this month. You will receive an urgent order from your workplace or get an urgent purchase order from a customer. A job may be immediately cancelled. Your financial flow is not smooth. After March 22, a golden opportunity will come knocking at your door.

APRIL TO MAY: You will have incredible luck during this period. All good things come simultaneously. You will set off on a journey to attend a meeting and a trade fair. You will take part in a contest, change your job or start new work.

JUNE: Avoid stock investments and all kinds of competition, otherwise you will be disappointed.

JULY TO AUGUST: Your life is filled with good fortune and success during this period. A chance for you to receive an award of merit is high. However, there will be a family conflict over inheritance and a business conflict among your partners and team members. A health problem has affected the way you live your life.

SEPTEMBER: An old friend or a former boss will help you. You will finally get promoted.

OCTOBER: What you have expected will not turn in your favour. Negotiations, a competition or an election you take part in will pass in a gloomy atmosphere. You will be sad with the results of the talks or the election.

NOVEMBER: Your fortune augurs well this month. The results of trade, stock investments, property sales, travel and your love life make you happy.

DECEMBER: Misfortune prevails this month. You will face mounting pressure, disappointment and failure. However, the situation will improve from Dec 25 onward. Incredible luck is expected.


Aug 17-Sept 16

JANUARY: Your work or a competition you take part in will yield successful results.

FEBRUARY TO MARCH: Chinese New Year is filled with happiness this year. However, trading and businesses are sluggish. Refrain from travelling. You will be bereft of luck during this period. An entrance examination and romance will not be satisfactory.

APRIL TO JUNE: Misfortune is gone. Job promotion is expected. You will be honoured as your work will win an award. You will miraculously recover from a chronic illness and can walk own your own again. A better job is offered. Your project will kick off as a loan is approved. If you are engaged in a lawsuit, you will win. You may purchase either a new car or a new house. If you are a widow/widower, you will find a new love that will brighten up your life. You will feel proud of your children.

JULY: Take extra caution to prevent misunderstandings. A breach of contract will occur and this case will go to court. However, there will be a windfall from inheritance.

AUGUST: Refrain from travelling or holding outdoor activities as there will be a fierce storm. Stock investments will yield handsome profits.

SEPTEMBER: Good news is expected from a state project and an annual transfer at your agency. You are likely to get promoted or transferred to a position you have been eyeing.

OCTOBER: You will have to work hard to race against time. A change of job or a swapping of positions at your workplace is expected this month.

NOVEMBER TO DECEMBER: You are blessed with good fortune during this cold season. Businesses generate handsome returns with sales targets being met. Stock investments also yield high dividends. Your love life is perfect.


Sept 17-Oct 16

JANUARY TO FEBRUARY: This is the most auspicious time to start activities or plans. A decision related to your work can be made during this period. However, children or family members falling ill pose a major concern.

MARCH: You will incur huge spending and disappointment. Don't blame yourself for the misfortune.

APRIL: Luck will be on your side this month. Your work will be carried out successfully. However, your love life looks complicated. Travel and plans to sign a contract will hit a snag.

MAY TO JULY: Turbulence, annoyance and pressure will befall you this month. Try to stay calm. Lady Luck will smile on all aspects of your life from May 15 to July 31. You will enjoy happiness that you have never experienced before.

AUGUST: This month is not blessed with luck. Avoid travelling, entering negotiations, starting a business or investing in the stock market.

SEPTEMBER TO OCTOBER: Your fortune shines brightly during this period. Travel, business dealings, business expansion, a house purchase, or a plan to operate a farm will yield successful results. There will be a large windfall from stock investments. However, you may undergo surgery to remove a cyst. Put on hold a joint investment plan during this period.

NOVEMBER TO DECEMBER: Your work will win an award and your children's academic performance will make you proud. If you are engaged in a lawsuit, you will win the court battle. You will be honoured during this period. Investments will give you a large sum of dividends. Negotiations will reach a compromise. If you enter a competition or a political contest, you will win the race. Romance is perfect.


Oct 17-Nov 16

JANUARY TO FEBRUARY: You will set off on a journey. This period is blessed with luck. You will get promoted, open a new shop, buy a new house or launch a new programme. However, you will have ear problems.

MARCH: Huge spending will be incurred. Turbulence and annoyance will befall you this month. You will get upset with family members. Long-serving staffers will leave you.

APRIL TO JUNE: Rising temperatures between April 1 and 12 may cause you to lose temper. You will get upset with your work and your employees during this period. From April 13 to May 16, you will have incredible luck. Everything you carry out will be successful. A competition, examinations, a political election or a bidding contest you take part in will yield good results. You will win the second place in a contest. Starting from May 17 to June 30, Lady Luck will smile on you. Business trips, an exhibition, a sports competition, trade or study plans will yield satisfactory results.

JULY TO AUGUST: You are likely to be transferred or change a job. A contract, if it expires, will be renewed. Your term in office will be extended for another tenure. Copyright to your work is sold and this makes you happy.

SEPTEMBER: You will be offered help. Avoid quitting your job or arguing with others this month. Refrain from any unnecessary travel until storm conditions abate. Valuable items will be lost. Any appointment will be postponed. You will receive sad news this month.

OCTOBER TO DECEMBER: This cold season is blessed with luck. You will get promoted. Businesses begin to thrive. Activities or events to celebrate New Year will be warmly received. Stock investments, a land purchase, a takeover of a cash-strapped business, a plan to open a new outlet and a request for a credit line extension will be incredibly successful.


Nov 17-Dec 15

JANUARY: You have to work three times harder or expand your business by opening three branch offices due to increasing burdens. Huge debts may force those who are struggling hard to make monthly instalments for a house or a car to sell those assets. However, you still have luck during the New Year. Sales targets are achieved and there will be a large windfall from stock investments.

FEBRUARY TO MARCH: You will set off on a journey during this period. Good news from your children is expected. Beware of tumbling down from a high place. You will face a tax problem. However, you will find a way out of all problems from March 21 onward and this makes you happy.

APRIL: You may face a lawsuit this month. However, your businesses look promising. A seaside land plot will be sold. A contest, a job interview test, a study plan and a marriage plan will produce positive results. Plans to buy a new house and a new car run smoothly.

MAY: The wheel of fortune turns in your favour this month. Your love life, businesses, stock investments, bidding and an election will be successful.

JUNE: You are bereft of luck this month. Disappointment, mistakes and misunderstandings will occur. Stay calm.

JULY: This month is filled with luck. An exhibition or a competition you take part will give satisfactory results.

AUGUST: Good news is expected this month. You will be awarded an important contract. A large windfall is expected. You are likely to receive an honour.

SEPTEMBER: Disappointment and failure will befall you this month. You will have to pay a fine. However, you will be chosen and set off on an unexpected journey.

OCTOBER TO DECEMBER: A dividend payment increases money in your pocket during this period. You will be promoted to second place. Sales targets are achieved beyond expectations. A year-end bonus and a special reward will be received. Romance blossoms.


Dec 16-Jan 13

JANUARY: You will look surprisingly active and healthy at the beginning of this year. Despite a sluggish economy, your business keeps expanding with handsome profits.

FEBRUARY TO MARCH: Fire caused by a natural disaster will adversely affect businesses during this period. Revenues will sharply drop and the stock market declines. After March 22, your fortune augurs well. You will be lucky in examinations. Those who are applying for jobs will be employed. You will start a new business during this period. If you join a competition, you will enter the final round.

APRIL TO MAY: Success will knock on your door. You will receive an inheritance. A land deal or a plan to take over a financial institution will be successful. Any investment, an election, a sports competition or surgery will yield good results during this period.

JUNE TO JULY: Strong determination, hard work and patience will pay off. You will get what you want if you fully devote yourself to your work. However, money you earn will slip easily through your fingers.

AUGUST TO SEPTEMBER: A job promotion is expected during this period. A chance to pursue your studies, have a contract signed, purchase a new car or a new house is high. You will be caught off guard with a marriage request.

OCTOBER: Something will pose a big headache. You will have limited time to make a decision. A lawsuit may be filed against you. Stay calm and postpone any plans.

NOVEMBER TO DECEMBER: This cold season will be a period of blissful happiness. Your business yields handsome profits and sales targets are achieved. However, romance is gloomy.

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