Street race challenge turns violent

BANGKOK – A technical college student took refuge at a hospital when his car was fired upon by another teenager with a gun after an illegal street race on Wednesday morning.

Police were told by staff at Krung Siam Saint Carlos hospital that Amornthep Kirinpradol, 22, drove his car into the hospital grounds and asked for help.

Mr Amornthep, a third year student at a well-known technical college, told police that the driver of another sedan flashed his headlights at him, indicating a challenge to race his car, when he drove out of his home heading to  college.

He admitted the two raced for a while and glared at each other several times, and then the driver of the other car pulled out a gun and fired several shots at him. One bullet hit the tyre of his car, which then collided with a sidewalk.

He then drove into the hospital's grounds to escape the shooter, police said.

Mr Amornthep told police that he did not know the identity of the driver, only that he appeared to be a young man and was driving a bronze colored Mazda sedan.

Police said they would look at pictures from surveillance cameras in the area to try and identify the shooter.

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