NGV bus purchase 'too expensive'

The Transport Ministry's plan to purchase 3,183 natural gas-fuelled public buses for more than 13 billion baht is too costly, appointed senator Paibul Nititawan said on Monday.

Chinese-made NGV public buses (Photo by Chanat Katanyu)

The ministry will seek approval for the procurement of the 3,183 NGV-fuelled buses at the cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

"I agree that we need new buses and that it is necessary to replace those run by diesel with NGV but I do not agree with buying buses at a price of four million baht each, which is higher than it should be," Mr Paibul said.

He said the price should not exceed three million baht.

The senator said he was also concerned about the single-contract bidding process. The specifications will limit the number of bidders, he added.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission had advised the government that there should be 10 procurement contracts, each for 300 vehicles, to ensure transparency in the auction. The government must also reveal the opening price, as required by the law.

"I ask the government not to create any more issues that make people criticise its [lack of] transparency, after its rice-pledging scheme has caused great damage to the country," Mr Paibul said.

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