Valve Steambox console to launch 2013, says report

Valve's Linux-based console will launch this year, reports a German tech site following a Valve employee's keynote speech at the EHSM Conference.

Steam's Big Picture mode may form part of a wider Steambox strategy. ©All rights reserved - Valve Corporation

Although Ben Krasnow was at EHSM to speak about an airport body scanning system built using parts found on eBay, has Krasnow confirming that "a few secret projects" will be revealed in 2013.

Traditionally a software company responsible for the Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike and Dota 2 titles, as well as dominant PC digital distribution platform Steam, Valve is known to be working on a number of hardware projects.

Wearable computing and virtual reality headsets have been discussed on company blog posts, but it's the rumored Steambox console that has been attracting most consumer attention.

Golem also has Krasnow confirming that the Steambox will indeed run on Linux, a free, open-source alternative to Microsoft Windows systems.

Linux has recently received support from Valve by way of an adapted version of the Steam client and a section on the Steam web store devoted to Linux games.

At the same time, Valve has been pressing ahead with Steam's Big Picture mode function, encouraging users to connect desktop or laptop PCs to larger living room displays.

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