Dog killer-burglar charged

BURI RAM – A would-be thief has been arrested for breaking and entering into a home and killing a family dog that tried to stop him by drowning it in a pool, a report said.

Police on Thursday took charge of Pramual Khadrum, 39, who was handed over to the police by the dead dog’s owner.

Anuchit Wikaiphat, 34, told police that he heard one of his dogs bark several times about 2 am that morning.

When he went to investigate and saw a burglar struggling to get out of the pool. His body was covered in blood and he had several bite marks.

Mr Anuchit said he and his gardener help pull the man out of the pool. The suspect admitted he had broken into the property.

The dog owner said that at first he did not want to press charges as he felt sorry for the man, who was drunk.

However, when the burglar admitted he had killed one of his dogs, he changed his mind.

According to Mr Pramual, two dogs, a Rottweiler and a Golden Retriever, attacked him as soon as he landed entered the lawn area. He jumped into the water to escape them.

But the Rottweiler also jumped into the water and continued to attack him. He told the owner that he could not fight off the dog so he grabbed it and pushed its head under the water and held it there until the animal stopped moving.

The drunken burglar said he felt sorry about having killed the dog. He was charged with breaking and entering and destruction of property.

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