Rames: Assault politically motivated

Democrat lawyer Rames Rattanachaweng, who was beaten up and seriously injured outside his Bangkok condomimium on Dec 17, believes the attack was certainly politically motivated.

Mr Rames is a party deputy spokesman and member of the opposition party's legal team.

He spoke to  news reporters on Thursday for the first time since the attack at Klang Hospital on Luang road after being questioned by police investigators led by Pol Col Traimet Uthai, deputy chief of Metropolitan Police Division 5.

He said he was feeling a bit better. His ribcage still pained him and he had problems with his sense of balance and could not hear well with his right ear.

He was undergoing physical therapy at the hospital.

Democrat lawyer Rames Rattanachaweng is questioned by police investigators before speaking to reporters for the first time since being assaulted on Dec 17. (Photo by Somchai Poomlard)

Mr Rames said he believed the attack was related to his handling of the Democrat Party's legal cases involving the party leader and defamation cases of all party MPs.

One of the cases he was involved with was a petition against Pol Lt Col Kamronwit Thoopkrachang, the Metropolitan Police chief, he said.

Before the assault, he received several threatening calls. He also sensed he was being frequently followed by people using a car or a motorcycle.

Mr Rames said he was rendered unconscious during the attack and did not see the faces of his assailants and did not expect the police to make any progress in the case.

He said he would from now be more careful and vowed to continue to serve on the party's legal team.

Asked about a police suggestion that the attack might derive from a personal conflict or an affair with a woman, Mr Rames said he had never had a conflict with anyone and, being unmarried, never committed adultery with any woman.

He thanked the party's senior members including Chuan Leekpai, Abhisit Vejjajiva and Suthep Thaugsuban who regularly visit him.

Chuwit Praditbatuka, director of the Klang Hospital, said Mr Rames had improved considerably, but was still suffering from a little swelling of the brain and must use support while walking.

He expected Mr Rames to be released from the hospital soon.

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