Netizens rage at 'rich' man abusing law

The unnamed "rich" driver of a car involved in a traffic accident has become the target of attack by netizens after he allegedly claimed to have connections in high places and refused to take responsibility for running into a car in front of him, according to a report in Khao Sod newspaper.


Several pictures of him were posted on the Facebook social media website. According to the poster, he threatened to harm the driver of the car he rear-ended. He denied any responsibility and threatened the young man's sister during the argument.

According to the poster, the man is an executive of a bank and owns a tutoring school in Siam Square.

He fled the accident scene, but police caught up with him. He  told police that he was attacked by the other driver and refused to take a breath-alcohol test. 

He also tried to escape, so the police took him to the station, according to the post.

He claimed to have connections and said that nobody could touch him. He also flashed a million baht wristwatch he was wearing at police, according to the poster.

The responses to the story by the netizens were nearly all negative. Some said he was a "typical" rich Thai who thought he could easily get away with anything, even murder.

However, a few claimed to have witnessed the accident. They said it was not totally his fault. Both cars were travelling fast and the car in front of his braked abruptly, so they collided, which these posters said could happen to anyone.

They also said he did not appear drunk as claimed by the story poster.

Later, the man who posted the attack on the "rich man", posted another message saying that the man's family had agreed to pay for the damage to the other car. 

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