Make 'Life' easier

Having read the recent letters regarding the hopeless new format of True Visions' revamped TV Guide, there is an easy way for the Bangkok Post to assist people like myself who wish to plan viewing in advance.

Before the introduction of the Life section of your newspaper, you always listed in full the major TV channels on a daily basis. It would be very helpful if you were to reinstate this policy and make life easier for folk like me who do not wish to search electronically for everything.

Your views would be appreciated.

Nakhon Sawan

Vets not making the cut

I recently adopted a feral soi puppy. She was under-nourished and had a bacterial skin infection. But with a good diet and a few trips to the vet she is now in tip-top shape, and a very affectionate and playful puppy she is too, no doubt grateful for the better life she now enjoys.

However, I have no desire to add to the dog population of Thailand's streets, which already suffer an over-abundance of unwanted, malnourished, diseased and sometimes ferocious dogs.

I asked my vet at what age I could have the puppy desexed. ''Oh, I don't do that,'' he said. I tried two other vets here in Rayong and the story was the same, all of them citing their Buddhist convictions for refusing to carry out this relatively routine and minor operation. I jokingly told them all that as neither the puppy or I were Buddhist perhaps they could bend their own principles, but to no avail.

Perhaps I should have been forewarned some years ago when I took another dog to the vet. The vet found a flea on it and carefully picked it off, carried it outside and released it on to the street, where no doubt the flea waited for the next passing dog before hopping on board for a free blood-sucking meal.

Now I have the added expense of a trip to Bangkok where I know a vet who is prepared to do what I want.

Believe me, I have the greatest respect for Buddhism and Buddhists, but surely this is Buddhism gone totally stark raving mad, with members of a profession who are failing in their duty to their customers.

Before anyone accuses me of not understanding Buddhist precepts, let me explain some of the inconsistencies. All of the vets who refused my request to desex my female puppy were quite happy to give her a chemical injection every six months as a contraceptive, and all were happy to sell me any number of products that would have effectively killed any fleas or ticks that dared to venture near my pets. So the end result in either case would have been the same, except that out of sight, out of mind, and vets left with a clear conscience because they didn't actually commit the dastardly deed themselves!


Tourists taken for a ride

I was at Siam Paragon yesterday with some friends. Taxis were scarce and my foreign friends decided to take a tuk-tuk to the Grand Millennium Sukhumvit hotel. The tuk-tuk driver demanded 400 baht for this. They approached many other tuk-tuks but the result was the same. However, I regularly go twice this distance for just 120 baht. Please stop this tourist rip-off.


Solar making waves

Some still think that solar cannot supply reliable electric power on a large scale. Try telling that to Warren Buffet, who is arguably the richest businessman in the world. His MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company has acquired two of the largest solar photovoltaic power plants in the world, generating 579 megawatts.

It's just the latest solar deal for Mr Buffett's MidAmerican Energy, which also owns the 550mW Topaz Solar Farms in California, and half of a 290mW solar plant in Arizona.

How serious is Thailand about solar? Perhaps Egat still thinks nuclear power is a better option. Nuclear won't look like a low-cost option if/when things go bad. Solar is the wave of the future.

Chiang Rai

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