Teachers: Politics boring, unethical

Thai politics is boring, unethical and largely immoral in the eyes of most teachers polled, Suan Dusit Poll at Suan Dusit Rajabhat University reported on Tuesday.

The pollsters interviewed 1,004 teachers nationwide, seeking their opinions on “Teachers and Thai Politics” on Jan 10-14.

Asked what they thought about current Thai politics, 44.26% of the respondents said it was boring, politicians were just in a war of words every day and had no thought of working for the country’s benefit.

Almost 36% of them pointed out that politicians were racing for power, looking for self-interest, playing favourites  and involved in corruption, and 20.06% said politicians had no ethics and or morals, and this damaged the  image of Thai politics.

Asked about their satisfaction with Thai politics at this time, 40.39% said they were satisfied with it because more education opportunities had been supported and policies beneficial for the education system were implemented.

A total of 31.05% said they were happy that the government has placed more importance on the quality of life of grass roots people, and 28.56% said they felt good as people were given more opportunities to participate in politics.

Asked what they were most concerned about in politics at this time, 47.06% said corruption, 32.51% pointed to the social division and disunity caused by politicians and politics, and 20.43% said the improper behaviour and ways  of speaking by politicians set a bad example for youth.

Asked as teachers, how they could help develop Thai politics, 60.37% said educate students about ethics and morality and teach them to be honest lovers, 22.67% would educate them about the democratic system, and 16.96% said preventing political interference in the education system.

Regarding their wishes from politicians on the occasion of Teachers’ Day tomorrow, Jan 16, 42.17% chose to wish politicians would forgive each other for the best interests of the nation.

Meanwhile, 29.50% wished for good politicians who can create faith among people and become good models for children, and 28.33% said politicians should give importance to education, offer moral support for teachers and ensure suitable salaries and welfare for teachers.

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