Vietnam fines 'sideboobs' model

A Vietnamese supermodel, famous for being willing to show most of it, has been fined for showing all of it.

Vo Hoang Yen, 25, was fined 3.5 million dong (roughly 5,000 baht, $168) for indecent exposure during an alleged costume malfunction at a show in Ho Chi Minh City to introduce a brand of male body spray.

"If it happens again, Yen will be banned from performing," said city government official Vo Trong Nam, according to a report in Thanh Nien, the official youth newspaper.

Model Vo Hoang Yen, in the dress that alarmed the censors. (Photo from Thanh Nien newspaper)

The newspaper said Ms Yen's dress, reportedly inspired by Vietnamese royal attire of the past, had a high collar and long sleeves but was almost fully barebacked and exposed most of her breasts on the sides.

"The fine is appropriate for her violation," said Mr Nam, the city's deputy director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the equivalent of Thailand's Ministry of Culture.

Vietnamese law prohibits performers from wearing outfits that are offensive or inappropriate to the country's culture and customs.

"When I was asked to wear the dress, I felt uneasy and a little worried," Ms Yen told the Vietnamese media.

"At first I did not intend to wear it, but I didn't want to put the organisers in a difficult situation. This is a painful lesson for me."

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